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Climate Activists in SA Urge Macron and EU Parliament to Halt TotalEnergies Oil and Gas Exploration.

Climate activists in South Africa have called on French President Emmanuel Macron and the European Parliament to intervene and halt oil and gas exploration by TotalEnergies, a French energy company. The call comes as concerns grow over the potential impact of oil and gas drilling on South Africa's environment and climate.

TotalEnergies plans to conduct offshore drilling in Block 11B/12B, located off the coast of South Africa in the Mossel Bay area. However, environmentalists have raised concerns over the potential impact of drilling on marine life, as well as the contribution of fossil fuels to climate change.

The activists, representing various civil society organizations, have called on Macron and the European Parliament to pressure TotalEnergies to abandon its plans for exploration. They argue that the project is incompatible with efforts to combat climate change and would harm South Africa's environment.

The activists have also highlighted the risks posed by offshore drilling, citing the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico as an example of the catastrophic consequences of oil spills.

TotalEnergies has defended its plans, stating that the project is in line with South Africa's energy policy and would provide significant economic benefits. The company has also highlighted its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and transitioning towards renewable energy sources.

The call for international intervention highlights the growing importance of environmental concerns in the energy sector, as well as the role of global stakeholders in shaping energy policy. It remains to be seen how Macron and the European Parliament will respond to the activists' demands, and what impact this will have on TotalEnergies' plans for exploration in South Africa.

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